china price Factory Safety Traffic PE Road Decorative Durable Warning Signal Chain manufacturers

Merchandise Description


Optraffic® Warning Sign Chain are employed as protected separation for a range of web sites like college zones and parking lots, develop sturdy visual obstacles to immediate crowds or restrict access to shield individuals and residence. The plastic chain is a flexible and moveable resolution, can be used wherever needed in an instantaneous.

Product Specifications

Optraffic Plastic Chain

Varieties of Chains

Code Materials Cross-section Diameter (mm) Fat(mm) Tension(kg)

Plastic Chains


100% HDPE Circle


10g/m 8kg
Plastic Chains Pc-three 100% HDPE Circle 3mm 17g/m 18kg
Plastic Chains Pc-four 100% HDPE Circle 4mm 30g/m 22kg
Plastic Chains Personal computer-55-1 one hundred% HDPE Flat five.5mm 55g/m 57kg
Plastic Chains Pc-55-2 100% HDPE Flat 5.5mm 50g/m 45kg
Plastic Chains Laptop-six 100% HDPE Circle 6mm 71g/m 67.5kg
Plastic Chains Pc-75 100% HDPE Flat 7.5mm 110g/m 89kg
Plastic Chains Laptop-75-two one hundred% HDPE Flat seven.5mm 106g/m 89kg
Plastic Chains Laptop-ten one hundred% HDPE Circle 10mm 185g/m 120KG
Plastic Chains Computer-12 a hundred% HDPE Circle 12mm 285g/m 150kg
Plastic Chains Pc-four 100% HDPE Circle 14mm 460g/m 180kg
Sorts of Buckle Code Substance Layout Duration Width Thickness
Link Buckle CB-two one hundred% HDPE S shape


9mm 2mm
Connect Buckle CB-three one hundred% HDPE S form 24mm 12mm 3mm
Link Buckle CB-6-one one hundred% HDPE S shape 39mm 21mm 6mm
Hook up Buckle CB-8-1 a hundred% HDPE S form 45mm 24mm 8mm
Link Buckle CB-6-two one hundred% HDPE Q form 40mm 22mm 6mm
Join Buckle CB-8-2 100% HDPE Q form 48mm 27mm 8mm
Upon Your Request Remember to INQUIRE FOR Ideal CZPT N/A

We have eleven normal measurements of plastic link chain for your choice, and a lot more optional alternatives you may have for completely CZPT izing your possess plastic chains.

Product Details


The lower-expense Warning Signal Chain is produced of light-weight, sturdy and large-density polyethylene, it’s UV resistant for CZPT -lasting outside employing, and with recyclable content that will not rust. Normal colors appear with yellow or purple and white, also we can CZPT produce your sought after colour and length.


We imagine that an efficient and powerful ahead of and aftersales support is of
                    significance for the clean procedure of CZPT products,
                               and to the advantage of CZPT CZPT ers.



This kind of chain is employed in the preliminary stages of electricity transmission growth. When the sprocket moves closer to or away from the enamel, sounds is created as the tooth rub in opposition to the connecting rod. These kinds of chains are employed to some extent for reduced-velocity conveyor chains.
china price Factory Safety Traffic PE Road Decorative Durable Warning Signal Chain manufacturers