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Product Description

We could source different dimensions of bush for industrial roller chain.

Item name Bush
Software 06C~32B
Materials Alloy metal
Substance grade SAE8620 SCM420 C1018 20CrMnMo 20Mn 40Cr A3
Warmth treatment method Obtainable
Dimension According to your drawing
Package Plywood circumstance
Sample Available
Lead time 30 Times
FOB port HangZhou or ZheJiang

Standard bush  dimension list
Product Materials grade Outer diameter inner diameter Length concentricity gap
04C (twenty five) 20Mn/ten# three.3-.01/-.03 two.31+.07/+.05 4.78-.075 .015 ≤0.1
04CH (25H) 20Mn/ten# three.3-.02/-.05 two.31+.07/+.05 5.23-.twelve .015 ≤
06C 20Mn/ten# 5.08-.03 3.fifty eight+.09/+.06 7.4-.15 .571 ≤0.12
06B 20Mn/10# four.77-.03 three.28+.09/+.07 eight.5-.15 .571 ≤0.twelve
420 20Mn/ten# five.sixty three-.03 three.96+.09/+.06 nine.4-.15 .04 ≤0.15
08A forty 20Mn/ten# five.sixty three-.03 three.ninety six+.09/+.06 eleven.1-.eighteen .04 ≤0.fifteen
08B (428) 20Mn/10# 6.37-.03 four.45+.09/+.07 11.1-.18 .04 ≤0.fifteen
08BH (428H) 20Mn/10# six.37-.03 four.fifty two+.02 12.2-.eighteen .04 ≤0.15
10A (fifty) 20Mn/ten# 7.03-.03 5.08+.09/+.06 13.7-.eighteen .06 ≤0.15
10B 20Mn/ten# seven.03-.03 5.08+.09/+.06 thirteen.2-.18 .06 ≤0.15
12A 60 20Mn/10# 8.33-.03 five.ninety four+.twelve/+.08 17.sixty five-.eighteen .06 ≤0.15
12AH (60H) 20Mn/10# eight.33-.03 5.ninety four+.12/+.08 19.3-.21 .06 ≤0.15
12B 20Mn/ten# 8.1-.03 5.72+.1/+.07 15.fifty five-.18 .06 ≤0.15
16A eighty 20Mn/10# 11.1-.03 7.ninety two+.thirteen/+.09 22.5-.21 .08 ≤0.fifteen
16AH 80H 20Mn/ten# eleven.1-.03 7.ninety two+.13/+.09 24.1-.21 .08 ≤0.15
16B 20Mn/10# 11.5-.03 eight.28+.11/+.075 25.43-.21 .06 ≤0.fifteen
20A a hundred 20Mn/ten# 13.fifty eight-.03 nine.sixty one+.04 27.35-.twenty five .08 ≤0.15
20B 20Mn/10# 14.05-.03 10.19+.15/ 28.9-.21 .08 ≤0.fifteen
P38 (ZGS38) 20Mn/10# twelve-.03 nine+.1/+.15 28.1-.21 .08 ≤0.15
24A  a hundred and twenty 20Mn/10# fifteen.6-.03 eleven.1+.19/+.thirteen 35.2-.twenty five .08 ≤0.fifteen
24B 20Mn/ten# eighteen.sixty nine-.03 14.sixty three+.21 37.7-.25 .08 ≤0.fifteen
S38H 20Mn/ten# 12-.03 9+.1/+.fifteen 29.9-.21 .08 ≤0.fifteen
CA550 20Mn/ten# eleven.eleven-.03 7.1+.16/ 25.6-.twenty five .08 ≤0.15

Q:Can you make elements in accordance to CZPT drawing?
Q:Could I check out manufacturing facility before co-operation
A:We often welcome your pay a visit to us to know every other effectively and know well about CZPT items.
Q:Can you settle for tiny quantity orders
A:Of course, We will give CZPT very best service for each get.
Q:What is actually your payment conditions
A:We acknowledge T/T.

The surroundings in which the roller chain is used and the operate it performs will have an effect on which roller chain is utilised and how typically you will need to have to change it. Rest certain that roller chains are 1 of the most effective and efficient possibilities for electricity transmission and transportation applications. You will uncover roller chains most frequently utilised for mechanical electrical power transmission in industrial machinery and solution conveyance throughout manufacturing amenities. Basic Industries: Meals, Beverage, Materials, Packaging, Automotive, Metals, Construction, Mining
china near me shop 428 420 Chain Bush Motorcycle Chain Forming Bush Seam Bush manufacturers