china Custom Steel Heavy Duty Narrow Series Welded Roller Conveyor Chain manufacturers

Merchandise Description

Narrow Collection Welded Metal Chain

Our narrow sequence welded steel chain refers to the welded offset sidebar chain with reasonably narrower internal width. To illustrate, on this page, we largely demonstrate you CZPT merchandise with narrow-stop internal width from 28mm to seventy seven.1mm, and outer width from 51mm-117.35mm.

This series welded chain is specifically developed for conveying of abrasive components under the running surroundings with strong affect or hefty dust. It is typically used as scraper conveyor chain for the conveying for grains, bean pulp, industrial bulk cargo, etc. The welded metal chain is also applicable for wood processing business.


Chain no. Pitch P (mm) Outer diameter of bushing d1 (max.) mm Diameter of pin d2 (mm) Height of sidebar h2 (max.) (mm) Internal width of narrow finish b1 (max.) (mm) Outer width of slim conclude b2 (max.) (mm) Thickness of sidebar T (max.) (mm) Tensile toughness Q (min.) (KN) Fat for each meter q (kg/m)
WH78 66.27 22.23 twelve.7 28.4 28.four fifty one 6.four one hundred fifty 5.nine
DWR78 66.27 21.2 fourteen.28 32 28.four fifty one six.four one hundred thirty six.four
DWH78 66.27 21.two fourteen.28 32 28.4 fifty one 6.4 one hundred seventy 6.4
WR78B sixty six.27 22.two 28.4 28.six fifty one six.four ninety three.four five.nine
WR78H 66.27 25.four fourteen.27 32 25.four fifty one nine.5 127
WH78H 66.27 twenty five.four 14.24 32 twenty five.4 51 nine.5 158
WH78C 66.27 22.5 12.7 28.4 28.6 52.three seven one hundred eighty seven.1
WR78SS 66.27 21.two 28.4 28 fifty two.3 7 eighty five
WR82 78.1 27 14.29 32 44 fifty seven 6.4 ninety three.four five.8
WR82R seventy 25.four 14.29 32 forty four 57 six.4 a hundred and fifty five.seventy five
WR82X seventy eight.1 31.seventy eight 19.05 fifty.15 60.three 9.five 169 fifteen.six


chain no. pitch P (mm) Outer diameter of bushing d1 (max.) (mm) Diameter of pin d2 (max.) (mm) Top of sidebar h2 (max.) (mm) Internal width of narrow end b1 (max.) (mm) Outer width of slender conclude b2 (max.) (mm) Thickness of sidebar T (max.) (mm) Tensile strength Q (min.) (KN) Weight per meter q (kg/m)
WHX124 one zero one.6 36.5 19.05 forty one.3 70 nine.5 224.six twelve.six
WHX124(H) a hundred and one.6 36.5 19.05 38.1 41.3 70 nine.5 224.six twelve.six
WHX132 153.sixty seven forty four.45 25.twenty five fifty.eight 111.seventy six 12.7 378 twenty.five
WHX132(H) 153.sixty seven forty four.45 25.25 50.eight seventy seven.1 111.76 12.7 378 20.five
WHX150 153.sixty seven forty four.45 25.25 63.five seventy 111.76 398 24.5
WHX150(H) 153.sixty seven forty four.45 25.25 63.5 111.76 twelve.7 398 24.five
WHX155 153.67 44.45 28.42 sixty three.5 73.6 111.25 fourteen.27 411
WHX155(H) 153.sixty seven forty four.forty five 28.42 63.5 73.6 111.25 14.27 411 27.7
WHX157 153.sixty seven 44.45 28.fifty two sixty three.5 seventy six.four 117.35 15.88 552 29.1
WHX157(H) 153.67 forty four.forty five 28.52 sixty three.5 76.four 117.35 15.88 552 29.1
WHX124P 103.two forty four.45 twenty five.25 50.8 38.1 seventy six.2 378 27.nine
WR124R 101.6 36.five 19.05 38.1 41.3 70 nine.five 169 twelve.six
WHX111 120.9 36.5 19.05 38.1 fifty seven.15 84.eight nine.five 224.6 eleven.nine

For more than twenty years, we have focused on the CZPT chains.

For more than twenty many years, We have accomplished hundreds of various varieties of industrial chains.

So we have a wealth of CZPT chain encounter.

Below are some of the kinds of the chains.


Locate the roller chain at EP, which has a wider waistline plate to aid have heavier loads on conveyor belts, wire rod machines, printing presses and a lot of other industrial purposes. Roller chains are completely interchangeable and pre-lubricated to support decrease elongation. Pick solitary or riveted chains with zinc and aluminum coatings to support avert rust and chemical corrosion.
china Custom Steel Heavy Duty Narrow Series Welded Roller Conveyor Chain manufacturers