Vinyl Silane CAS No. 4130-08-9 Vinyltriacetoxysilane

Vinyl Silane CAS No. 4130-08-9 Vinyltriacetoxysilane

Silane Coupling Agent ELT-S188
Cas No.:4130-08-nine  EC No.:223-943-1

Positive aspects:
     1.purity:              97%,ninety eight%,ninety nine%,ninety nine.five%min
     2.Potential:         about 1000mts per month
     3.MOQ:              1000kgs
     4.Exported to:     the USA,CZPTpe,Brazil,Korea,Indonesia,Vietnam ec
     5.Delivery time:  7-10days
     6.OEM is ok.
     7.Packing:           25kgs/drum,200kgs/drum,1000kgs/IBC

Description of vinyltriacetoxysilane:
Chemical Name:      Vinyltriacetoxysilane
System:                  C8H12O6Si
Similar to:                Dow Corning Z-6075 
Vinyltriacetoxysilane is Colorless to light yellow transparent liquid.

Typical physical properties of vinyltriacetoxysilane:

CAS NO. 4130-08-9
Purity, % ninety nine%min
Molecular weight 232.26
Boiling Point 112oC
PH value  six-7
Density(ρ20)g/cm3 one.167
Refractive Index(n25D) 1.forty two-1.422

Potential Applications of vinyltriacetoxysilane
Acetoxy silanes are more reactive than alkoxysilanes.Acetoxy silanes are frequently used as 
one particular-component mixtures to make RTV-1 silicone sealants.These mixures have an excess of 
multi-functional acetoxy silane added to silanol-terminated PDMS,which results in a PDMS chain with 
acetoxy groups at the ends.When this compound is exposed to moisture some acetoxy and rapid crosslinking takes place.Acetic acid formation is one of the driving forces of this reaction.
Packing & storage of vinyltriacetoxysilane:
 1, painted Iron drum or plastic drum or IBC
     packing of 200kgs/drum,16000kgs/1×20’gp
     big packing of 1000kgs/IBC,20000kgs/1×20’gp
     CZPTized packing is ok.
     OEM is ok.
2, Sealed well, store in a cool, dry place. Avoid light,heat and moisture.

Silanes are crucial to the development of substantial quality materials with increased operation.They are used in an incredible array of items that aid to make dwelling a lot more cozy and hassle-free. Chemical compounds
one) Silanes are utilized efficiently in adhesives,sealants and paints to boost adhesion to inorganic substrates.
2) Silanes are utilised to increase transparency and decrease viscosity during mixing and kneading.
three) Silanes are used to make very weatherable paints.

No.2 Automotive Programs
1) Silanes are employed to make silica reinforced tires and in development of new materials.
two) Silanes are utilised to make high-molecular-weight rubbers and silicas.

No.three Electrial Programs
1) Silanes can boost dependability of semiconductor encapsulants flat-panel displays and other merchandise.
2) Silanes are utilized to boost dispersibility and adhesion of inorganic materials.
3) Silanes are utilised as uncooked resources for tough-coat components.

No.4 Certain application

No.5 Natural purposeful teams and compatible resins

Manufacturing Section

Vinyl Silane CAS No. 4130-08-9 Vinyltriacetoxysilane