Tcpp Flame Retardant of Polyurethane

Tcpp Flame Retardant of Polyurethane

CHemwill — Tris(1-chloro-2-propyl) phosphate


Mostly utilized in the flame-retardance of PVC, polystyrene, phenolic resins, acrylic resins, rubber and coating.


CAS No. :13674-eighty four-5
Molecular Formulation:C9H18Cl3PO4
Structural formulation:

Molecular excess weight: 327.fifty six

Solution Induction:
TCPP is a new sort of colorless and transparent varnish, which is composed of a specific resin, flame retardant, organic solvent etc.It is also a put up processing flame retardant liquid and can act on any of the things with adsorptioncapacity, particularly suited for numerous wooden-composition goods.
TCPP is a flame retardant of minimal hydrolytic steadiness, utilised in polyurethane (PU) rigid and flexible foam, PVC, EVA and phenolics and epoxy resin. 
The large bulk of TCPP is employed in rigid polyurethane foams. It is also used in flexible polyurethane foams for household furniture and its upholstery, principally in the United Kingdom and Eire .
TCPP is extra at numerous details in the polyurethane source chain: to closing foam producers to “system houses” who pre-mix and formulate prepared-created systems and to foundation polyol producers who might use it to lessen polyol viscosity/mobility. The use in rigid polyurethane foams may be more sub-divided into blocks and spray methods for building insulation and for refrigerator casings. Really little use of TCPP also exists in textile again-coating formulations and in specified coatings.
This item can be easily utilised. The surface treatment method can be right carried out by spraying, brushing or roller coating.

Product attributes:
Substantial thermal stability
Minimal volatility, excellent compatibility with articles or blog posts
Strong bonding drive
Tiny stimulus
Superb corrosion resistance and fire resistance
Can be utilised in lower temperature situations

Item character
Appearance: colorless and clear liquid
Coloration: match shade for need
Part: one element soon after combination
Reliable content: fifty% ± 2
Ratio: 1.08 ±0.02
Coating film thickness: dry film: thirty – 50 um/ channel damp film sixty – 100 um/channel
Protection: theoretical price: .2kg/ m2/30um
(true worth: influenced by the surface remedy, external surroundings, development strategies and other variables)
Toxicity: non-harmful

Utilizing data
Making use of temperature: – 10°C  ~ 40 °C
Making use of approach: spray, brush, roller coating
Spraying force:  0.3 – .six Mpa
Dilution ratio: – 10% (fat ratio)
Diluents: specific diluents

Drying time and coating interval:


(°C  )





Dry to touch






Minimum coating interval








Storage and transportation conditions:
Storage temperature: -10°C ~ 40 °C
Validity: two several years
Flash position: a lot more than 28°C
Transport issue: typical


Tcpp Flame Retardant of Polyurethane