Cfs-997 Silquest Y-9669 Vinyltris Silane CAS 15332-99-7

Cfs-997 Silquest Y-9669 Vinyltris  Silane CAS 15332-99-7

CFS-997 Silquest Y-9669/Vinyltris(isopropenyloxy)silane CAS 15332-ninety nine-seven

CFS-997,Vinyltris(isopropenyloxy)silane is a vinyl useful alkoxy silane. It is the equivalent of Momentive Silquest Y-9669.

Chemical Name Vinyltris(isopropenyloxy)silane
CAS No. 15332-99-seven
Molecular Method C11H18O3Si
Color Colorless or gentle yellow 
Visual appeal Obvious liquid 
Purity min 97%
Synonym Vinyltrisopropenoxysilane vinyltriisopropenoxysilane vinyltrisisopropenoxysilane Tri(isopropenoxy)vinylsilane Silquest Y-9669


CFS-997 can be utilized as crosslinking agent with outstanding overall performance, gives superior top quality to the creation of silicone rubber, aside from as the cross-linking agent of place temperature vulcanized silicone rubber.

CFS-997 can as the hydroxyl scavenger to boost the storage steadiness of rubber and stay away from premature.

CFS-997 can utilised as a silicon-based reagent, chain extender, as nicely as the primarily based polymers for the Planning of alkoxy termination.

CFS-997 for cross-linking vinyl, acrylic latex, architectural coatings and pharmaceutical intermediates.

CZPT Bundle:
25L PE pail 200L Metal drum 1000L IBC drum

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Co-Method is a professional large-tech enterprise dedicated to R&D, production, technical assist and marketing and advertising of unique functional silicone components, pharmaceutical intermediates and electronic chemical substances. Aside from its headquarter in HangCZPT Economic system and Technologies CZPT Zone, Co-Formulation owns a R&D heart and creation services situated in HangCZPT and HangCZPT.


Cfs-997 Silquest Y-9669 Vinyltris  Silane CAS 15332-99-7