Escalator with CE Certificate

Escalator with CE Certificate

GRE20 escalator

GRE20 series of escalator with 7.two-meter maximum rise can operate normally in outdoor environment.

Tremendous-consciousness aesthetic design meets the characteristics of human physiology.
Streamlined handrail system in stainless steel reflects noble style of western CZPTpe with its 180 degrees 
arc end and black inlet.
Advanced control system and driving device, superior driving chain,excellent workmanship assures the
 comfortable operation.
The safety protection functions as many as 21 items fully comply with national and CZPTpean standard.
Light-weight and high-strength truss structure assures the equipment of completer rigidity.
Automatic lubrication system lubricates all kinds of driving components,which prolongs products’ 
operation life greatly.
The application of VVVF drive(optional) makes escalator (moving walk)be a representation energy saving product.By checking the traffic flow timely by means of photo 
electrical sensor located at the entrance of escalator,achieving auto moving with great energy saved.
Microcomputer controlled system performs with rapid calculation speed,high reliable moving,and also 
with failure code fixed,easy to be maintained.
Drive device arranged vertically assures enough space and convenience for maintenance.

Software Indoor.   sixteen-hr  operation  everyday
  Height  (m) ≤ seven.2(six)
Inclination  (° )  30(35)
  (mm)  Step  width 600/800/a thousand
Horizontal  methods 2/2
three/three(Only  for  30° )
Pace(m/s)  .five
Capacity  (for every. /h) 4500/6750/9000
Main  electricity 380V/50Hz/3P
Balustrade Tempered  glass(10mm)
Handrail  bracket Stainless  steel
Handrail Black
Balustrade  height(mm)  900
Inner  &   outer  decking Hairline  St. St.
Skirting Wear  resistant  coating  steel  sheet
Phase Stainless  metal
Landing  plate Stainless  steel  (anti-sliding)
illumination lighting  under  upper  &   lower  landing  methods
Indicator Failure  code  indicator  on  control  cabinet
Operation Emergency  stop  button
Key  switch
Inspection  operation

Optional  configuration

Different  components  with  individual  performance  and  multi-functional  devices  ensure  our  escalator  and  moving  walk  can  meet  various  customer  requires.

Software Semi-out of doors/outside.   sixteen-hr  operation  everyday
Handrail  bracket Aluminum  profile
Handrail Inexperienced,   purple,   blue,   yellow
Balustrade  height 1000mm
illumination Skirting  lights
Comb  lighting
Keep an eye on Handrail  speed  monitor
Handrail  break  monitor
Indicator Indicator  on  outer  decking
Direction  indicator Running  direction  indicator  on  outer  decking
Stage(escalator) One-piece  aluminum
Skirting Hairline  St. St.
Landing  plate Aluminum  alloy  (anti-sliding)
Energy  management VVVF
Lubrication Automatic  lubrication  /  electric  lubrication
External  cladding Hairline  St. St.   /  Painted  steel  /Glass/Mirror  st. st.  

Safety  units

Static  electricity  protection  of  step  (pallet) Eliminate  static  electricity  raised  from  running 
of  the  steps  (pallets).
Static  electricity  protection 
of  handrail
Eliminate  static  electricity  raised  from  running 
of  the  handrail.
Emergency  stop  button  on 
Push  the  emergency  stop  button  to  stop  the
  escalator  (moving  wander)  against  emergency  raise.
Handrail  entry  safety  protection Protection  against  risk  of  other  objects  getting
  jammed  into  handrail  entry.
Over  speed  safety Protection  against  risk  of  speed  being  over  twenty%
  of  rated  pace.
Under  speed  protection Protection  against  risk  of  speed  being  less  than
  twenty%  of  rated  velocity.
Unintentional  reversal  defense Protection  against  risk  of  unintentional  reversal 
of  the  direction  of  vacation.
Phase  failure  security Protection  against  risk  of  phase  failure. common
Short  circuit  defense Protection  against  risk  of  short  circuit. standard
More than-load  safety Protection  against  risk  of  motor  continually  over  load. common
Stage(pallet)sagging  defense Protection  against  risk  of  steps  (pallets)  being 
breakage  and  sagging.
safety  safety
Protection  against  risk  of  step  (pallets)  chains
  being  breakage  of  undue  elongation.
Comb  safety  guard Protection  against  risk  of  foreign  objects  currently being
  trapped  at  the  point  where  the  step  (pallet)  enters 
the  comb.
Inspection  socket To  provide  voltage  to  inspect  or  maintain. standard
Machine  room  guard One  safety  plate  separates  machine  room  from 
movable  parts  such  as  step  to  protect  service  personnel.
Emergency  stop  button  on
control  cabinet
Push  the  emergency  stop  button  to  stop  the
  escalator  (moving  stroll)  against  crisis
  raise  when  inspection  and  maintaining.
Auxiliary  brake Auxiliary  brake  will  act  and  stop  the  escalator 
(moving  walk)  in  case  of  main  drive  chains 
breakage  or  the  steps  (pallets)  or  handrail 
changing  from  present  direction  of  movement.
Handrail  guard Protection  against  risk  of  speed  change  and 
breakage  of  handrail.
Skirting  guard Protection  against  risk  of  foreign  objects  becoming
  jammed  into  clearance  between  steps  (pallets) 
and  skirting.
Main  drive  chains  safety  defense Protection  against  risk  of  drive  chains  being 
breakage  or  undue  elongation.
Skirting  brush Brushes  on  skirting  to  enhance  the  passenger’ s  basic safety. Optional


Escalator with CE Certificate