Longrui OEM Transmission Straight Teethed Bevel Helical Differential Gear with Keyway

Longrui OEM Transmission Straight Teethed Bevel Helical Differential Gear with Keyway

Industry Sprocket  / Sprocket  /  Market Rear Sprocket  / market Sprockets/Equipment /wheel gear /toothed wheel /gearwheel / big gear wheel / The mechanical gear/mechanical sprocket/Equipment Toothed Wheel /


MACHING PROCESS  Raw Components,Slicing,FORGING,DRILLING Machine,Machine,Heat Therapy,GRINDING
MODULES 1 one.twenty five one.five 1.75 2 2.twenty five 2.five 3 4 …8ETC
Tolerance Control Outer Diameter                    ±0.005 mm
Duration Dimension                ±0.05 mm
Enamel Accuracy DIN Class 4, ISO/GB Class four, AGMA Course thirteen, JIS Course
Heat Treatment Quenching & Tempering, Carburizing & Quenching, High-frequency Hardening, Carbonitriding……
Surface Therapy Blacking, Sharpening, Anodization, Chrome Plating, Zinc Plating, Nickel Plating……

Positive aspects:


1. Superior quality guaranteed

two. Competitive and reasonable price

three. Long lasting and reliable working life time

four. Fast lead time.

five. able to produce according to specification with technical

six. Packing according to specifications required

seven. Positive client feedbacks in abroad and home markets

8. Professional manufacture and offer the best serve



* Good adaptability
* Non-toxic and recycling supplies
* Eco-welcoming
* Substantial and lower temperature resistance
* Outside use of UV-totally free, ozone, water and the adverse outcomes of chemical compounds.
* Weather resistance, chemical corrosion
* Superb Skid resistance and watertight
* Exceptional top quality and sensible cost
* CZPTize accepted, any measurement, colour, form, and thickness are CZPT


1.Rigid good quality handle of whole creation method from incoming merchandise to finishing item.

2.In a position to offer the prompt delivery , higher precision mechanical areas and reduce price tag.

three.A broad selection of precision in residence machining capablities.

4.CZPT roller chain of sprocket fashion are simplex, duplex , triplex and quadruple..so on

five.A specialized experience is to meet the buyer requirement for drawings ,personalized design and remedy.

six.Surface area remedy such as zinc plating ,black oxide..   etc 

7.Warmth Treatment method : Workpiece is heated by induction hardening and then quenching.

8.Main export market s are US, europe , south east asia, middle east and north of the us.

nine.Materials can asked for by customer such as 1045 , 20mn,Stainless steel ,nylon, & forged iron ..and so forth

ten.OEM are welcome 

eleven.Accredited by ISO certification


SHENMA  CZPT purpose is give top quality, delivery and provider on time in responsiveness to client need and prospect.


Longrui OEM Transmission Straight Teethed Bevel Helical Differential Gear with Keyway