Steel Roller Chain with D1 Attachment

Steel Roller Chain with D1 Attachment

Metal Roller Chain With D1 Attachment

These are attachments which can be fitted to normal roller chains. This would then make a roller chain appropriate for conveying merchandise. Attachments can be provided with either 1, 2 or 3 holes and the attachments can be upright or appropriate angled or full specials to fit any software.

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TAI is 1 of a professional exporter with exporting Power TRANSMISSION Areas: Roller chains, s. S. Chains, agricultural chains, steel detachable chains, unique chains, sprockets, s. S. Sprockets, HRC couplings, pulleys, bushes etc. All these goods have been provided routinely to Entire world Extensive for more than 15 many years.

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Chain No.

Pitch Roller
Width Between
Inner Plates
Pin Diameter
Pin Length Inner Plate depth Plate thick
Weight Per Meter
P d1
Q0 q.
Mm mm mm mm mm mm mm mm kN/LB kN Kg/m
04B-1 six.000 4.00 two.80 one.eighty five six.eighty 7.eighty 5.00 .60 three./682 three.two .11
05B-one eight.000 five.00 3.00 two.31 8.twenty eight.ninety 7.10 .80 5./1136 five.9 .twenty
*06B-one nine.525 six.35 5.72 3.28 thirteen.15 14.10 8.20 1.thirty nine./2045 ten.4 .forty one
08B-one 8.fifty one 7.seventy five four.forty five 16.70 18.twenty 11.eighty one.sixty eighteen./4091 19.forty .69
10B-one fifteen.875 10.sixteen 9.65 5.09 19.50 twenty.ninety 14.70 one.70 22.4/5091 27.fifty .93
12B-one 19.050 12.07 11.68 five.72 22.fifty 24.two sixteen.00 one.eighty five 29./6591 32.twenty 1.15
16B-one twenty five.four hundred 15.88 seventeen.02 8.28 36.ten 37.4 21.00 4.15/ sixty./13636 seventy two.eighty 2.seventy one
20B-1 31.750 19.05 19.56 10.19 forty one.thirty forty five. 26.40 four.five/3.5 ninety five./21591 3.70
24B-1 hundred twenty five.forty twenty five.40 14.63 fifty three.40 57.80 33.twenty six./4.eight 160./36364 178. seven.ten
28B-one forty four.450 27.ninety four 30.99 fifteen.90 sixty five.ten sixty nine.fifty 36.70 7.five/six. 200./45455 222. eight.50
32B-1 50.800 29.21 30.ninety nine 17.81 66.00 71. forty two.00 seven./six. 250./56818 277.5 ten.twenty five
40B-1 sixty three.50 39.37 38.ten 22.89 82.twenty 89.two 52.96 8.5/8. 355./80682 394. sixteen.35
48B-1 seventy six.twenty 48.26 45.seventy two 29.24 ninety nine.10 107. 63.eighty twelve./10. 560./127272 621.six twenty five.00
56B-one 88.ninety fifty three.ninety eight 53.34 34.32 114.60 123. seventy seven.80 13.five/12. 850./193180 940. 35.seventy eight
*Bushing chain: d1 in the table indicate the external diameter of bushing

Steel Roller Chain with D1 Attachment